Thursday, September 4, 2008

Is Sarah Palin The Antichrist?

Be afraid, America, be very afraid.

Governor Sarah Palin's speech last night at the Republican National Convention was, in a word, terrifying. Senator McCain might as well have selected a cavewoman as his running mate. As a noted feminist (Spanish Johnny loves the ladies), it pains me to think she's most likely set the women's movement back a good 50 years.

This woman is a charlatan, a performer, an actress—one who was fed a dangerous script, however. A dangerous, incendiary script. One that a good portion of America no doubt ate up. I get the feeling the same conventioners who chanted "U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!" last night would also chant the same thing while watching an American soldier rape an Iraqi girl.

No wonder every other country hates us.

Oh, I'm sorry—did I just say something negative about this great country of ours? Palin and the GOP have made it clear that anyone who does so is evil. (Perhaps they should take a look at the Constitution sometime.) Thus explaining her effusive praise of McCain while patting herself on the back for blindly accepting that everything our leaders propose and do is right. (See Iraq War, 4/20/03–Armageddon). We're not allowed to question our government? Everything America does is good and righteous? How is that patriotism? More like jingoism, no? Remarkable. Such blind faith in any other venue—e.g., at work or home—would be considered detrimental. Mistakes are made. Often. And that's okay to admit. It's called humility, not infallibility.

I suppose now's as good a time as any to remind everyone that Sarah Palin is the governor of Alaska. Alaska, for chrissake! I don't even think Alaska's a real state. (It is? Really?) It has a population of 670,000. Fill up Michigan Stadium six times and you'd get the same number of people. 670,000! That's 1/4 the population of Brooklyn.

Regardless, Palin's homespun, aw-shucks talk struck all the right chords. She claimed victory in Iraq is finally in sight. (Really? "Victory"? That's the term you want to use?) She played the 'mother of a soldier' card. (Announcing that her 19-year old son will be deployed to Iraq on...9/11. Bullshit. No fucking way was that the actual date until they wrote it into her speech. And why is he going there if victory is in sight?) She played the 'mother of a special needs child' card. (Not even sure what to say here, except this: Using your four-month old baby with Down syndrome as a political prop is truly despicable.)

Trust me, the rest of the world watched this speech with glee.
Ate it the fuck up, too.

For entirely different reasons.

As if they needed more ammo to hate us.

This woman will only fan the flames. Elect her and McCain and prepare to watch this country burn to the ground.

Oh, and if my credibility wasn't already in question based upon my prior post about, ahem, defecation, then here's one last bon mot to seal the deal: Is it me or does McCain's wife look like an aging British rocker in drag?


Nobes said...

"Blind faith in your leaders or anything will get you killed."

-The greatest living human being of all-time

Christopher said...

Amen. I really cannot wait for Biden to tear her a new one when they debate. How fun it will be to hear her musings on foreign policy, especially when you consider she got her first passport just over a year ago and has only been to 3 other countries.

Seriously though the woman makes me want to cut myself. Why is being a hick such an admirable trait in politicians? Why do we insist on electing Wal-Mart shoppers as presidents? Why didn't the union just let the south succeed? Why - ughhh. Why bother.

Anonymous said...

What a cunt.